Core Desired Feelings are “Your heart’s longings, your preferred states of being," as Danielle LaPorte calls them. They are the feelings that you want to FEEL and they DIRECT you when you make decisions about most everything in life.  

  • You want to feel secure in your relationship, so you choose marriage.
  • You want to feel successful and creative, so you choose a PhD program.
  • You want to feel freedom, so you choose to take a road trip with your best friend.

We ALL have core desired feelings, it’s just a matter of whether we have connected with them yet in our conscious minds. When we haven’t brought our awareness to our feeling motivators, they sometimes come out SIDEWAYS.

Sideways Manifestations….

  • You want to feel financially secure, so you get married - even though there’s no spark.
  • You want to feel free, so you smoke a cigarette - and no one can tell you otherwise!
  • You want to feel love and acceptance from your dad, so you choose a become a lawyer just like him - even though you hate it.

If your life isn't aligned with your core desired feelings, I believe this causes DIS-EASE in the body; manifesting as physical symptoms and emotional inflexibility.  In both classical and modern chinese medicine, we learn about how “Unfulfilled Desires” can lead to disease in the body.  Unfulfilled desires are: the places you long to go, the unrequited loves, the book you have always wanted to write, or the child you hope to birth.   When you don’t follow the path of your DESIRES, the flow of energy (qi) in the body becomes blocked and over time stagnant - you feel actual physical symptoms:  headaches, heart palpitations, pms symptoms, and back pain.

HEALTH → free flow of Qi (energy) in body = proper circulation of blood and nutrients

Unfulfilled Desires →BLOCKS free flow of Qi, leading to Disease (physical symptoms)

By uncovering the FEELINGS you want to feel as the drivers for your unfulfilled desires, you get major clarity. For example, maybe you want to write a book because you want to feel admired,  adored, seen. The value of getting clear on the FEELING is that you then realize you might be able to feel it NOW or in unexpected ways.

Want to play with this? ...Make a list of 5-10 things you would like to do, be, accomplish, experience in this life. Now close your eyes, take some breaths and then for each item on your list, consider how you would FEEL within each item.  List the feelings that come up.  Bold? Loved? Creative? Expanded? Divine? Turned on? Inspired? Heavy? Guilty? Trapped? Numb? Now, it’s time to cross off the ones that make you feel like junk (perhaps they are someone else’s dreams?)   For the feelings that you would like MORE of,  list some ways that you can feel those feelings in your NOW!  

Maybe it’s time for a road trip with your best friend so you can feel your FREE!

May our growth be graceful,


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