What's Your Rhythm?


What's Your Rhythm?


How do you want to feel?

In your heart, your body, your spirit?
In your career, your relationships?
When you wake up in the morning?
When you speak your truth?
When you close your eyes at night?

Connected. Inspired. Sacred Clarity. Joy.

Those are my guiding principles for our time together. Together, we'll explore your own principles and how your rhythm guides you to know what you want next. When we're done exploring this soulfully simple approach to clarity, you'll know yours too - not only know them but Love Them, Live Them, and Light Them Up!


How will you get there?


THE Rooted in Rhythm WORKSHOP - LEVELS 1 & 2

“Find our own beat, the rhythm of your soul, and how the natural rhythms of life dance with you.” -Marisa Pease Donlin

During these workshops you will...

  • Discover and Name your rhythms for all areas of your life.
  • Expand your vision for your future (and the story of your past).
  • Create goals and an action plan that light you up!
  • Explore how living according to your own rhythm is vital to your Health and Wellness.

All with a special seasoning of Chinese Medicine and how your rhythm is linked to your health.