I believe in following my body’s lead, especially my hands and my belly.

I believe in listening deeply with my ears and my heart.

I believe that if I ask a question to the universe and listen for the answers, my path becomes apparent and it is a most magical thread.

I believe in following that magical thread.

I believe in the power of fire. The meditation of staring. The transformation of the wood. The hot.

I believe in the power of water. In the quiet depth of underneath and in the cleansing of a shower.

I believe in the healing power of nature. Being in nature always shifts my perspective.

I believe in love, the power of open hearts, feeling inspired from the inside, and connected to source, people, and self.

I believe that when there are more of us living in the…..sensitive, empathic, open, curious, attentive, connected, awake, spiritual….this world will be an incredibly juicy place to live.

That’s why.