I was talking to my friend today who is having a spiritual awakening (I’m not clear exactly what to name it). So let’s call her Shay and her experience an Awakening.

In her description, people and places look differently than they did before. Sometimes, she feels like she leaves her body and is tuned in to people and information somewhere else. Sometimes, she feels overtaken by some heavy intense feelings that she isn’t sure are really hers.  Sometimes, she isn’t sure what’s real. After she shared her story, she thanked me for not thinking her crazy. "Damn!", I thought, I don’t think “crazy,” I think “what an intense experience!  I can’t wait to see how this plays out for her.”

So striking. So striking how much the worry about others’ judgment can shut down our own amazing, miraculous experience. And how from this stance, the stance you hold, that all of your experiences become flavored.

  • Is your stance, Holding your head, ‘Oh shit, what now?’
  • Is your stance, Holding your belly, ‘Please, no more!’
  • Is your stance, Eyes shifting, ‘What should I do? What do you want?’

Shay and I played with rubbing our hands together as if waiting for something yummy to be delivered and saying, “I can’t wait to see what happens next.” She powered herself up in that stance.

The stance you hold. The stance includes: the internal language, the external language, the body language, the pains, the symptoms. And each of these aspects affects the others, like a web.

Core Desired Feelings are a stance. A stance that you learn to consciously set up for yourself.

Vast. Spacious. Loving. Blissful. Captivated. Flexible Strength. Connected. Aligned.

You can use them to flavor how you speak to yourself and your friends. You can use them in making a choice about a job or a move. You can use them when you make your plan for Monday.

What’s your stance? Have an idea but want to dig deeper? Look closer? Join me on our next e-course where you will  plug into some clarity about YOU and your stance.

(And bonus HINT: you may even learn to CHOOSE how you stand in your world!)